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West Palm Beach: Glass RepairWe’re the #1 glass repair company for both homes and businesses in West Palm Beach. However, if you have a broken glass window or door, please be advised of “safety first.” Broken glass is dangerous! Secondly, as you search for a local West Palm Beach glass repair company you can trust, please read their reviews, and analyze their capabilities. You’ll quickly learn why we are the favorite glass repair company in West Palm Beach:

  • Home Glass Window Repair Specialists. We do not do autos, just homes and businesses, so rest assured that we can repair your glass windows or doors.
  • Glass repair experts: we do nothing but repair or replace glass windows and doors (homes / businesses but not autos!)
  • A West Palm Beach local small business: support us, and support small business. We’re a small business and we are passionate about remaining the top-rated glass repair service for area businesses!
  • Free Estimate Experts: click or call, and we’ll gladly give a free estimate.
  • Coupons Coupons Coupons: use this website for 10% off your first order!
  • Repair or replace: we’ll advise you on your options, and cost.
  • Large inventory: we have West Palm Beach’s largest inventory of glass windows and glass doors, both for home glass window repair and for business repair, including board up services.
  • 24 Hour, emergency service: call us 24/7 365. We never sleep! Our trucks circle West Palm Beach continuously, so don’t hesitate.

Neither Homeowners or Businesses Should Fix Glass Doors or Windows Yourself

Incidentally, inexperienced individuals themselves should not attempt to repair glass windows or sliding glass doors. In order to ensure a sturdy and risk-free repair, one must rely on the professional services of a top-rated glass repair company in greater South Florida. However, the selection process for these companies can often be daunting, especially when residents or business owners have not faced a similar situation in the past. Our goal is to be the best glass service in the area.

The following section explains key considerations that customers must pay attention to, before they finalize their decision of a handing their glass repair project to a company that specializes.

Read Our Reviews Online: Discover Why West Palm Beach Loves us!

As a local West Palm Beach Business we are very proud of our local reviews:


Efficiency of Response & Action Time

Broken glass windows and sliding glass doors in your home or business are a matter of great concern. In fact, it is a situation with a wide range of risks and threats associated with it. As a result, it is imperative that you must review the service offered by glass companies to identify one that provides immediate response with efficient action. For instance, Express Glass & Board Up Service Inc, delivers on to its promise of immediate response, 24/7 customer service, emergency board up service, site visit within 30 minutes of initial request, and the action time of glass replacement is done on site. Special Orders are done within hours not days.

Staff Capabilities

During your hunt for a glass repair expert West Palm Beach FL, you must review online sources and customer reviews to ensure that you select a company with highly skilled and fully trained staff. Our glass technicians are second to none, and can service your West Palm Beach business or home quickly.

Quality Glass Windows, Doors, and Replacement Parts

Another tip to make sure that you find a truly professional glass repair company West Palm Beach FL is that you should initiate open communication with the representatives. You must only trust a glass repair company West Palm Beach FL that offers transparency of information about what brands and materials they use to repair or replace windows or doors.. For example at Express Glass & Board Up Service we offer a 5 year warranty on the quality of the high impact glass and a 10 year warranty on the insulated units. Customers could request a certificate of warranty upon request. Once you acquire knowledge on the types of material options the glass repair company West Palm Beach FL has, you must conduct a quick research on each material. This is how you can be confident about the quality of the materials.

Cost & Value: Call for Estimates

When looking for a residential glass repair service in West Palm Beach or a commercial glass repair service, homeowners and business owners should not confine their search to the services offered by various glass repair companies West Palm Beach FL. It is equally important to find an option that charges reasonable rates which are compatible with your budget. This is why Express Glass & Board Up Service offers Free Estimates and an Instant 10% Off.

Market Reputation & Reviews

Another key concern of homeowners and business owners who are seeking glass replacement West Palm Beach FL by a professional glass repair company is based on its past records. One of the most effective ways to find this information is through the recorded testimonials by its previous customers.

You can review Express Glass Testimonials as well as local reviews found in google places and google+ pages. A quick overview of these important factors can guide you to a good decision for a glass repair company West Palm Beach FL.

Introduction to West Palm Beach, Florida

Founded in 1894 by Henry Flagler, West Palm Beach was created to house servants working at hotels on nearby Palm Beach. Many of the city’s historic structures were created in the 1920s when the city swelled. Today, West Palm Beach has a population of about 89,000 people. The South Florida metropolitan area, where West Palm Beach is in among the northernmost cities, has a population of over 5.4 million, making it the sixth largest metropolitan area in the United States. West Palm Beach lies on Florida’s southeast. It is only 70 miles north of Miami and 46 miles north of Fort Lauderdale. The city has also been credited with being one of the best places to live and work.

The climate of West Palm Beach is subtropical. The city has nearly constant sunshine and only mildly distinguishable seasons. Winters are cooler than the area’s humid summers, but temperatures during the winter months occasionally go down to the 30s. January is the coldest month when temperatures average a warm 65 degrees. However, despite the long, humid summers, the city has never recorded a temperature at 100 degrees. The hottest month is August when the temperatures average around 83 degrees.

West Palm Beach Arts and Entertainment

West Palm Beach has more than gorgeous beaches; it also has a great selection of museums and other attractions. These include:

  • The Armory Art Center
  • The Norton Museum of Art
  • The South Florida Science Museum
  • Whitehall Flagler Museum
  • The Elliott Museum
  • The Hibel Museum of Art
  • The Raymond F. Kravis Center
  • The Lion Country Safari

West Palm Beach also has a lot of activities for sports fans. Just an hour and ten minutes south of West Palm Beach is Miami, home of NBA champions the Miami Heat, as well as the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Some nearby teams include the Jacksonville Jaguars football team, the Florida Panthers hockey team, and the Florida Marlins baseball team. In fact, the area is also well-known for its baseball spring training facilities.

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Updated: 7/3/2016