Jupiter The Florida Town & Sliding Glass Door Repair. We’ve Been There

Jupiter – that’s the planet – has been in the news recently as space probes from NASA have pierced its’ atmosphere. They’ve had a close up view of the Great Red Spot which is actually the equivalent of a hurricane on earth. However, you wouldn’t want to be out in that hurricane as its’ winds swirl at 270 mph. Not only that, the Great Red Spot is actually twice the size of earth.

Everything to do with Jupiter is large. It is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest in the solar system. It has a mass one thousandth of that of the sun, but two and a half times the mass of all the other planets in the solar system combined. What’s more, its’ gravity is 2.4 times that of earth, so if you weigh 100 kg here you’d weigh 240 kg on Jupiter.

Here For You 24/7/365 for Your Glass Repair Needs

Having got that (relatively) useless information out of the way, we can now return to what we do best in our Jupiter and that is Jupiter sliding glass door repair. We are the #1 Jupiter sliding glass door repair company because we are always open. We are here for you 24/7/365 and our trucks patrol the streets constantly, so whenever you have a problem with your sliding glass door you will know that we are not far away.

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with a sliding glass door, but you can almost guarantee that they will go wrong at the worst possible time. For instance, a year or so back we got a frantic call from a guy who was stuck on a 17th floor balcony. He’d gone out for a drink with his new girlfriend on a sunny evening and closed the door behind him. Unfortunately, when he tried to go back in the door was stuck. We were able to help him, but the new girlfriend was very unimpressed.

Then of course there is the opposite of being stuck outside with the door jammed shut, and that is having the door jammed open. When it’s the wet season and the late afternoon torrential downpour is about to happen! That is why at Express Glass we provide emergency Jupiter sliding glass door repair.

Certainly, you may never need us in an emergency, but it’s good to know that we are here if you do. So make a note of our number and keep it in the directory of your mobile phone. That way, if the worst happens you only have to press the button and we will be on our way.