A Fort Lauderdale Castle? Not If Your Sliding Glass Door Needs a Repair!

An person’s home is his (or her) castle in Fort Lauderdale – or at least it should be. However, if those windows and doors are old and antiquated and in need of repair or replacement it won’t be much of a castle until they are fixed.

There is almost nothing worse on the planet than a sliding glass door which doesn’t slide. The type of sliding glass door that is forty or fifty years old and instead of sliding sticks and jams every time you try to open or close it. You want to take a tray of drinks out into the yard and sit in the sun, but you have to put the tray down when you get to the door so that you can somehow shove it open without spilling all the drinks. Then you have to put the drinks tray down again in order to close it, unless you want your air conditioning bills going through the roof.

Don’t even mention windows which don’t open because the hinges have dropped. Or the ones that let a draught in because they won’t close properly. Or the ones with seals which have worn and let in the rain when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. You need Fort Lauderdale home window repair, and you need it badly.

The Answer Is Simple: Get Your Glass Door Fixed

The answer is very simple: call us in to assess your windows and doors and let us advise you as to whether they can be repaired or really need replacing. Unfortunately, like everything else, windows and sliding glass doors don’t last forever, and at some point Fort Lauderdale home window repair is the only answer.

As far as sliding glass doors go, especially in South Florida, we can very often repair them even though you may think that they are beyond help. Instead of going into battle with your door every time you want to go out into the yard, we can have it gliding back and forth like the day it was first installed. We will give you an honest opinion as to whether we think it should be repaired or replaced, but of course the decision is always yours. Sometimes replacing the door is the best option, but we will give you a quote for both so that you can make your choice.

You will probably be surprised at how inexpensive a new door can be, and you also get the very latest in energy efficiency which can reduce your air conditioning bills, so a new door can pay for itself very quickly. The same thing applies to your windows.

So for Fort Lauderdale home window repair or replacement, give us a call. We can make your home into your castle again and you can once more be the king or queen you were always meant to be.