A Glass Company that Loves Port St. Lucie (And the Other Way Round).

It’s true that at Express Glass we have always had a fondness for the smaller towns and cities in South Florida and we have always counted Port St. Lucie as one of them.

And it used to be.

Once A Fishing Village, Now Port St. Lucie

Back in the 1950’s – not so long in the overall scheme of the universe – it was just a fishing village with a few farms scattered around. In 1961 there were a total of 250 homes in the “new” city. That’s still less than 1,000 people. Fast forward to 2000 and the population was just under 89,000. Fast forward again to 2017 and the population is close to 200,000! In just 17 years!

Heck! What happened?

That’s almost half the size of Miami for heaven’s sake!

No matter, Port St. Lucie, we still love you – and it seems that you still love us. Because we are still the #1 company for commercial glass repair Port St. Lucie after all these years. We guess this is because we have had such a close relationship with you for many years and we are still the “go to” commercial glass repair company when you have a problem.

Let’s face it: any sort of damaged windows and glass doors in business premises are a major problem and need immediate attention. That’s why we have always offered commercial glass repair Port St. Lucie on a 24 hour 365 day basis from the day we first came to the city.

Damage Can Occur At Any Time to a Glass Window or Glass Door

Damage to windows and glass doors can occur at any time of day or night, and we have always regarded our job as to be there for you whenever you need us. So that’s what we provide, and it seems that you respect that because it’s us that you call when you need windows and glass doors repaired.

It’s pretty obvious that if one of your fork lift trucks smashes your office entrance doors because the driver wasn’t looking where he was going (or, heaven forbid, was on his mobile phone texting his girlfriend!) you might sack the driver but that doesn’t get your doors fixed before you close your factory for the night.

That’s why you need a reputable company for commercial glass repair Port St. Lucie on whom you know you can rely come rain or shine. And that’s why – all these years later – we are still here for you whenever you call. Indeed, we have our trucks on the road at all times of day and night and we normally reckon to get to you in less than half an hour.

No matter that you have grown so fast, Port St. Lucie, we still love you, and in turn we mutually respect that it’s us you call when you need any sort of glass repair.