Ft. Lauderdale Broken Window? That’s an Emergency Glass Repair

Contrary to whatever anyone under the age of 30 believes, a broken glass screen on your iPhone does not constitute a major emergency. It is actually possible to be without an iPhone for up to 72 hours before rigor mortis sets in.

A broken windshield on your car? Well that might be an emergency, depending upon where you need to be and how long you have to get there.

Unfortunately, if either of the above disasters occurs to you we are unable to help. We don’t do auto glass (although a lot of people think we do) and we most certainly don’t meddle about with iPhones – or any phones for that matter. Far too fiddly for us. As for auto glass, it’s simply not our specialty. We leave windshields and other car windows to the auto glass repair guys in exactly the same way that they leave broken windows and sliding glass doors in homes and businesses to us. That’s our specialty.

Indeed, when the auto glass guys need Ft. Lauderdale emergency glass repair for their workshops they call us. In the same way, when the windshield of one of our trucks gets broken, which happens from time to time because we are out on the road constantly, we take our truck in to see them. It’s what’s known as horses for courses. Some horses run well on certain tracks but not on others.

Time To Call Us: Emergency Glass Repair for Ft. Lauderdale

So, yes, when you have a broken window or glass door in your home or business and need Ft. Lauderdale emergency glass repair, it’s time to call us. We operate a genuine 24 hour emergency glass repair service in Ft. Lauderdale so you can call us at any time of day or night. A broken window or glass door is always an emergency. Apart from any other consideration, South Florida police will tell you that a broken window is a heaven sent opportunity for any passing thief who can enter your premises without actually going to the trouble of breaking in.

Did you know that the average thief is in your home for just eight minutes? In that time he can ruin your life by stealing priceless belongings and things such as family heirlooms which are simply not replaceable, no matter how much insurance you have.

It is not just theft that you need to worry about either. If you have a broken window during the wet season and the afternoon storm is on its way, you need it fixed, and fixed fast. That’s why our Ft. Lauderdale emergency glass repair service is available. We are here for you day or night, whenever you need us, and we will usually get to you within 30 minutes of your call.

Now that’s what we call service.