Is a Fort Lauderdale Emergency Glass Repair Problem Truly an Emergency?

Some of the national chains of glass repair companies are frankly little more than telephone answering services. You call them up with an emergency and they take your details and then stall you until Monday morning.

At Express Glass we are not like that at all. When you have a broken window or broken sliding glass door and call us for Fort Lauderdale emergency glass repair we are on our way within minutes. As far as we are concerned a broken window or door is just as much of an emergency as a plumbing leak or a fire.

First, any police officer will tell you that a broken window is an open invitation – almost literally – to any passing opportunist thief. Let’s be honest: it is fairly obvious that if he doesn’t have to break in but can just climb through the window then he is very likely to do so. Did you know that the average burglar is in your home for only eight minutes? During that time he can ruin your life taking possessions that are irreplaceable. You might be able to replace your laptop or tablet (even though you have lost all the things on your hard drive) but you can’t replace family heirlooms.

Wet Season, Dry Season, Any Season: We’re Fort Lauderdale’s #1 Repair Shop

But even if you don’t suffer from the attentions of a passing thief, what about the late afternoon downpour in the wet season? Your carpet and furniture could easily get soaked.

So yes, that is why we regard broken windows and doors as requiring our instant attention for Fort Lauderdale emergency glass repair. This is the reason that our offices are always open – we are known as the company that never closes, and we don’t, not even for Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. It is also the reason that our trucks are on the road at all times, driven by our expert technicians who are just waiting for the next call. It means that there is always a truck not very far away from you – it could even be in the next street.

When you call up our office you will be answered by a real person rather than one of those infuriating computers that tells you “you can say things like….!!” (They drive us mad – we don’t want to be told what we can say by a computer).
Our operator will then contact our nearest technician who will be on his way within minutes. We usually reckon to be with you in less than 30 minutes for Fort Lauderdale emergency glass repair. Try getting that sort of service from one of the national chains!

So, yes, the next time you get a broken window or glass door, you now know who to call: Express Glass – the clue is in the name.