Emergency Window Repair After a Nighttime Intrusion

Most home invasions happen at night, when these predators can move largely unseen in the dark. These events are incredibly traumatic for the victims, who are faced with exposure to further damage (whether from wind, rain, or other criminal activity) even after the perpetrator has left. Storms also don’t seem to respect our schedules and often do their worst while we’d rather be sleeping.

This is why board-up services are so important to our clients across South Florida. When the windows in your home are damaged or even missing in the night, you need to get an emergency glass repair service on-site immediately to close off the openings to your home.

Residential Glass Damage Isn’t a 9 to 5 Problem

We learned very early on that our business was never going to be about keeping banker’s hours. The majority of residential emergency glass repair calls we get coming in the night (or in the early morning if the homeowners managed to sleep through the disturbance).

Bill and Janice are clients of ours who spend their winters here in South Florida and their summers in Canada. When they’re away, they have a neighbor watch their property. In a particularly blustery storm last winter, a chair blew over from a neighboring condo and hit Bill and Janice’s living room glass sliding door, shattering it and blowing the glass into the house. Unfortunately, the glass wasn’t the only thing getting in; their living room was getting soaked with rain.

This wasn’t a personal safety issue, yet we knew we had to get there as soon as their neighbor called to report the damage. By sealing off the home at 2am, we were able to prevent several hours of further water and wind damage. “After you cleaned up the glass, our neighbor arranged to have the house professionally cleaned and ran dehumidifiers in 2 rooms for a few weeks,” Janice told us. She noted that they didn’t have to replace any furniture or flooring and there was no damage to the walls. “The way we’re told it was coming down that night, I’m sure we would have had mold issues on our hands if we let any more of that water get in,” she said.

It can be a really long night staying in a home with the windows/doors broken or missing and it’s a good deal of time to leave your home exposed to the elements. Any time, day or night, we offer emergency glass repair services so you can get back to sleep with peace and security.

Families Don’t Wait for Safety

Packing up your family to head to a hotel in the middle of the night can be a major expense and inconvenience, especially if you have to wait a few days for glass repairs. Yet you aren’t safe staying in a home with broken windows overnight.

We’ve found that customers don’t only appreciate a fast response time, they demand it. James from Miami wrote to us after a recent break-in at his house, “There was no convincing my wife and kids to stay in that place, not until you showed up and got it all closed off. If you hadn’t been here as quick as you were, they would have been gone. The little one already packed her bag!”

It’s a cute memory, his four-year old standing there with her backpack all ready to go, yet we can’t forget how traumatic an event like a home invasion truly is. Jim’s family felt violated and needed to flee to safety. Once their home became a safe place again, they were able to begin the (long) process of putting it behind them. They were out of immediate danger. This is why we always aim to be there within 30 minutes of getting an emergency glass repair call.

In Emergency Glass Repair, Speed = Safety, Security and Peace of Mind

Regardless of the cause of broken glass, you need your home secured and the damage assessed immediately. Not tomorrow, not next week, but within the hour. Emergency glass repair customers have come to expect a prompt response, day or night – and they deserve it. Nothing less will do.