Emergency Glass Repair in West Palm Beach When The Revenues Don’t Flow

When you run a business in West Palm Beach you are saddled with very high rents – more so than in many other South Florida cities – so it is vital to keep the revenues flowing. This means that if you have broken windows or broken glass doors in your business they need to be repaired as fast as possible so that you can – literally – keep customers coming through the door. A few days “offline” can be devastating, but it seems that many glass repair companies simply don’t understand this. They want to keep you waiting for days for what is in fact an emergency.

This is why at Express Glass & Board Up we operate a genuine 24 hour West Palm Beach emergency glass repair service. We are a small business and we “get” it. No matter what the problem or what time of day or night it is, we are always open so that we can keep your business open. Our trucks are constantly on the road in West Palm Beach and our telephones are manned by real human beings – not for us some answering machine that asks you to call back at 9.00 am.

No Need To Search On Google for Emergency Glass Repair Services

So if a bus or truck comes off the road at 3.00 am and smashes into your store front, there is no need to log on to Google and start trying to find a West Palm Beach emergency glass repair service because we are it. In fact, it is a good idea to do what many West Palm Beach business owners have done and that is to put our number in the directory of your mobile. Then if the worst happens, all you need to do is to press a key on your phone and you are straight through to our operator. You may never need us, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Since our trucks are out on the road day and night, it follows that there is never a technician far away from you, and indeed we can usually get to you within 30 minutes of your call, and often less. Our trucks carry large stocks of all the common types of glass which means that our technician will very often be able to repair the damage on his first call. If not, we carry a very large inventory of glass, door and window furniture, and the like, at our depots so we usually have what you need in stock.

In the worst case scenario we can board you up until we have located what is needed, but we have special arrangements with our suppliers and will be able to get what you need in a matter of hours – not days or weeks like some companies we know.

So when you are in need of West Palm Beach emergency glass repair you know who to call: Express Glass & Board Up.