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Getting a Sliding Glass Door Fixed in West Palm Beach, Florida

An Outdated Sliding Glass Door in West Palm Beach? Just say no!

Many of the homes in West Palm Beach date from the 1950’s and 1960’s when there was a boom in the population which was partly due to the return of many sailors and airmen who had served at Palm Beach Air Force Base during the war. In part, it was also due to that modern miracle of air conditioning, as living in the tropical climate all year round became more acceptable to northerners.

Also becoming popular in new build homes at that time were what is now the ubiquitous sliding glass door. Back in the 50’s they were regarded as very trendy, as were Davy Crockett, the hula hoop, drive-in movies, jukeboxes, and some singer fella called Elvis something or other.

Fifty Or Sixty Years Old? Just Say No!

However, today in West Palm Beach the sliding glass doors in many homes are fifty or sixty years old and in no way could they be considered to be trendy any longer. In fact, completely out of date would be a better description. Furthermore, many of them no longer glide backwards and forwards smoothly as they are supposed to do and would have done when the homes were first built.

So if yours is an old door that no longer runs properly it is time to consider West Palm Beach sliding glass door replacement. Modern sliding glass doors have many benefits that older ones did not incorporate. For example, today’s doors are environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient. Fitted with composite gaskets they provide optimal thermal insulation, acting as a weather and sound barrier and keeping dust, drafts, and rain out of the home.

Year Round View: A New, Modern Sliding Glass Door (From Us)

With large panes of glass, West Palm Beach sliding glass door replacement will give you a year round view of your yard landscape and panoramic views beyond. They will also let you keep an eye on your kids playing outside, and with shatter-proof glass are perfectly safe. (In the past, many sliding glass doors did not incorporate shatter-proof glass: perhaps yours did not).

West Palm Beach sliding glass door replacement will also add an elegant aesthetic to your home bringing it right up to date with that 21st century appearance. As well as being functional and practical, a new sliding glass door will harmonise with most architectural styles.

So if your sliding glass door is old and antiquated, give us a call. We will come over and show you all of the latest designs from which you can choose without any obligation. You will be surprised at how inexpensive they are, and just how much they can do to boost your home’s appearance.

West Palm Beach Sliding Glass Door Repair

A Repair In Time Saves Nine: West Palm Beach Sliding Glass Door Repair

It’s a fact that sliding glass doors are often taken for granted. You pull the handle and slide them open, then you slide them shut again. That’s what they do. We don’t think about them. This is especially true in a place like West Palm Beach where we tend to spend a lot of time outside in the yard.

However, when many people actually need West Palm Beach sliding glass door repair, they put it off. We have never really understood why. People struggle with sliding glass doors that stick, jam, judder, and sometimes won’t close properly when the solution is actually very simple: get it repaired! Sliding glass door repair in West Palm Beach is easier than you think to arrange.

Take Care Of Your Sliding Glass Door Repair in West Palm Beach – Sooner Rather Than Later

As with most things in life, if you get your sliding glass door repair
done sooner rather than later it can be a simple repair, whereas if you leave it you will often find that it will cost you considerably more in the long run. Not only that, you have a sliding glass door that actually slides again, rather than you cursing and swearing every time you want to go out into the yard.

So the short answer is: when you need West Palm Beach sliding door repair, call Express Glass & Board Up. It’s what we do: fix faulty sliding glass doors.

In fact, some of our customers call us in simply to service their sliding glass doors every couple of years or so. That makes a lot of sense. We don’t think about our sliding doors all the while they are sliding. But you would be amazed at the amount of junk that can get into the rollers and runners.

It Makes Sense to Repair a Door

If you stop to consider it for a moment, that makes sense. We walk in and out of the yard, so mud can get dropped into the tracks. In the fall, leaves blow about. Pet hairs can drop in there. Bird feathers. You name it. We actually found a $50 bill in one once: the owner was delighted because it paid for most of his service call!

So when you know that you need West Palm Beach sliding door repair, call Express Glass. Don’t put up with it sticking and jamming. Let’s face it: if the worst happened you could find yourself in the yard with it starting to rain and your sliding door is stuck shut and refuses to budge. It happens. We had one guy stuck out on a 17th floor balcony once.

We have the knowledge and the spare parts to repair almost every type and make of sliding door that there is in West Palm Beach. What’s that old saying? A stitch in time saves nine.

Sliding glass door replacement

Nobody in Boca Raton Knows ‘Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair’ Better Than Express Glass

If you are looking for the best sliding glass patio door repair, Boca Raton, Express Glass & Board Up are the people to call. However, please note that our specialty is sliding glass doors; if your door is made of wood, then – sorry – we don’t fix those.

If you think about it, the clue is in our name. If it’s got glass in it, then we fix it. We carry a vast inventory of all types of glass for sliding glass patio door repair, Boca Raton, together with all of the hardware and bits and pieces that you will ever need. There are many different manufacturers of sliding glass doors and those are our specialty. There are also many manufacturers of sliding wood doors in Boca Raton, and we do not carry all of the necessary parts to repair those as well. We leave that to the carpentry guys, and they leave us to get on with the glass doors.

It makes perfect sense. It’s a case of “horses for courses”.

When your sliding glass door goes wrong in Boca Raton, call us first. We’re on call 24 hours a day every day, because sliding glass patio doors have a very nasty habit of going wrong at precisely the wrong moment.

You know. You’ve got friends and family coming round for a barbecue. You are heating up the barbecue, the drinks are in the fridge, guests start arriving, and then the darn sliding glass door won’t open and you can’t get out into the yard.

It’s bad enough if you have side access, because at least you can go out the front door and down the side of the house, but if you haven’t you’ve got a major problem on your hands. You can’t really go to your neighbor’s house and ask if it’s OK for your guests to troop through their house and climb over the wall!

Do You Party? Do You Party Outdoors? Then You Need a Sliding Glass Door That Really Works

The smart answer is to get us to fix your sliding glass patio door at the first sign of anything going wrong. The minute you get that first feeling of a judder when you open or close it. If there is one thing that we can guarantee from our many years of experience fixing sliding glass doors in Boca Raton, it is that it WILL get worse. It simply won’t correct itself and get better all on its own.

If you think about it, it is pretty obvious. If you go out into the yard five times a day, that door is slid back or forwards 70 times a week. That’s over 3,500 times a year. Now, if your sliding glass door is 40 years old – well, you do the sum.

Those poor old rollers have had to do some pretty hard work over the years. Dirt and dust gets trodden in. Bits of mud from the yard can get trapped. Dog and cat hairs get in there (not if you don’t own a dog or a cat, obviously).

Call the Best Sliding Glass Door Service in South Florida

Don’t run the risk of getting trapped inside or outside the house. Call Express Glass & Board Up, and we’ll give your Boca Raton sliding glass patio door a new lease of life.