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Use a local company for West Palm Beach glass repair.

Go West Palm Beach! Go Local! (For Your Glass Repair Needs)

When you need West Palm Beach glass repair it’s always a bit of a shock. Broken windows and broken sliding glass doors are usually caused by accidents, but can also be caused by deliberate damage such as in burglary. Whichever way, they always have two things in common and that is that they are unexpected and there is no way you could have planned for them.

However, when the worst happens it always pays to use a local company to repair the damage.

We would say that, wouldn’t we? After all, we’re a local company, not part of some national chain, with offices in West Palm Beach and other South Florida communities. But when you stop to think about it there are a couple of very good reasons why you should use us.

Local Company in a Local Town (West Palm Beach)

First, when you call us you get to talk to a local operator in West Palm Beach rather than some individual in a call center which could be a thousand miles away. We are locals and we not only work here, we live here too. We love our local city and we work very hard to provide a service which is nothing short of stellar.

Someone in a call center a thousand miles away has no idea that when you need West Palm Beach glass repair your requirements may be very different from someone in Los Angeles. Not only that, although you are talking to someone far away they will then direct you to a small-fry local contractor who may be a one man business and may, or may not, have the capacity to attend to your need for West Palm Beach glass repair immediately. More than likely, a one man business might not be able to get to you for a couple of days.

As a local West Palm Beach based business we provide a 24/7/365 emergency service. Our trucks are on the road 24 hours a day with our technicians just waiting for your call. That means that as a rule we will get to your home or business in 30 minutes, and possibly a lot less. See if one of the national chains can match that!

Huge Stocks Of Glass: We’re West Palm Beach’s Favorite Glass Repair Company

What’s more, we carry a lot of different types of glass on our trucks which means that we can usually fix your broken windows on the initial visit. If for some reason we don’t have the right glass on our truck, you’ll be pleased to learn that we carry huge – and we do mean huge – stocks of glass at our West Palm Beach depot so it won’t take very long to get the right glass for the job.

How much glass does the average one man business carry? We’re not “knocking” a one man business, but it stands to reason that his stocks are going to be limited.

So when you need glass repair in West Palm Beach come to your local “big boys” who have the supplies that you need and can provide you with the fastest service you can get.

Port St. Lucie Glass Repair

A Glass Company that Loves Port St. Lucie (And the Other Way Round).

It’s true that at Express Glass we have always had a fondness for the smaller towns and cities in South Florida and we have always counted Port St. Lucie as one of them.

And it used to be.

Once A Fishing Village, Now Port St. Lucie

Back in the 1950’s – not so long in the overall scheme of the universe – it was just a fishing village with a few farms scattered around. In 1961 there were a total of 250 homes in the “new” city. That’s still less than 1,000 people. Fast forward to 2000 and the population was just under 89,000. Fast forward again to 2017 and the population is close to 200,000! In just 17 years!

Heck! What happened?

That’s almost half the size of Miami for heaven’s sake!

No matter, Port St. Lucie, we still love you – and it seems that you still love us. Because we are still the #1 company for commercial glass repair Port St. Lucie after all these years. We guess this is because we have had such a close relationship with you for many years and we are still the “go to” commercial glass repair company when you have a problem.

Let’s face it: any sort of damaged windows and glass doors in business premises are a major problem and need immediate attention. That’s why we have always offered commercial glass repair Port St. Lucie on a 24 hour 365 day basis from the day we first came to the city.

Damage Can Occur At Any Time to a Glass Window or Glass Door

Damage to windows and glass doors can occur at any time of day or night, and we have always regarded our job as to be there for you whenever you need us. So that’s what we provide, and it seems that you respect that because it’s us that you call when you need windows and glass doors repaired.

It’s pretty obvious that if one of your fork lift trucks smashes your office entrance doors because the driver wasn’t looking where he was going (or, heaven forbid, was on his mobile phone texting his girlfriend!) you might sack the driver but that doesn’t get your doors fixed before you close your factory for the night.

That’s why you need a reputable company for commercial glass repair Port St. Lucie on whom you know you can rely come rain or shine. And that’s why – all these years later – we are still here for you whenever you call. Indeed, we have our trucks on the road at all times of day and night and we normally reckon to get to you in less than half an hour.

No matter that you have grown so fast, Port St. Lucie, we still love you, and in turn we mutually respect that it’s us you call when you need any sort of glass repair.

Delray Beach Glass Repair

Glass Repair in Delray Beach and Vandalism (Plus Board Up Services)

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true that vandalism happens even in a fairly quiet city like Delray Beach. When you think about it, it’s a strange crime really: there is no real “motive” other than to be hurtful.

What great satisfaction does a vandal get from throwing something that breaks your window? Or from pulling up plants in your yard? Or one of a dozen other acts? Does it somehow make him feel “important” or “clever”? He certainly doesn’t get any financial gain from it. At least with a burglary you can understand why the burglar does it, but vandalism? Who knows?

We see our share of vandalism in Delray Beach, because we are the #1 glass repair service in Delray Beach, and people call us (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Fixing Glass Windows and Doors: Call Us

Sadly, vandalism is just something that we have to live with. Even if the vandals get caught – which is pretty unlikely – when they get to court they just get a slap on the wrist and are told not to do it again.

The important thing when your windows get broken and you need board up Delray Beach is not to leave it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a broken window is an open invitation to any passing burglar to enter your premises and take anything that he fancies.  Call us as the top-rated glass repair service in Delray Beach, and we’ll be there in a jiffy!

It makes his life very easy because all he’s got to do is reach in and turn the handle. Even if the window is locked he can still get in through the broken glass. The average burglar is in your home or business for just eight minutes. During that time he can change your whole life – for the worse.

It Doesn’t Need to Be A Professional Burglar: Fix that Window!

It doesn’t even have to be a professional burglar. Your broken window could be a temptation to someone passing who has never stolen anything in his life. So you need board up Delray Beach as quickly as humanly possible; we are the #1 board up service in Delray Beach, too. If we can’t fix it on the spot, we can order the parts for your glass repair, and board up the problem immediately.

Of course, a broken window might not be spotted by a burglar because he is away on a job at the other end of the city, but it might be seen by other vandals who could think it fun to break some more of your windows.

This is why Express Glass is geared up for rapid response when you need board up Delray Beach. We can usually be at your premises within 30 minutes because our trucks are out on the roads at all times.

We also operate a completely free service to all business owners in Delray Beach. We will come out and measure up all your doors and windows and then enter the information into our database. If you have a problem after that, all you need to do is to tell us which door or window is damaged and we can arrive at your business with exactly the right size of timber for the job. You also get preferential treatment during emergencies such as a hurricane so we attend to you first before everyone else.

Glass Repair in Wellington Florida on an Emergency Basis

Wellington, Florida, and Accidents Plus Glass Repair: A Summary

It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact of life that accidents happen. Your teenager isn’t deliberately going to lob his baseball through your kitchen window – it’s just unfortunate that he’s not a very good shot: he’s certainly no Matt den Dekker or Luis Exposito.

Of course, it might not be your teenager causing problems it could be a hurricane. Let’s face it, we really only escaped Hurricane Matthew by the skin of our teeth, and if you look back over the last 20 years or so we are probably due for another full on strike over the next five years.

Not Always An Accident; We Can Fix Any Glass Window Or Sliding Glass Door

Then again, broken windows are not always caused by accident. Many a burglar finds that the quickest way to get into a property is to break a window. Yes, it’s crude, but it saves all that tedious fiddling about with locks, and in any case most of the burglars in Wellington haven’t been to lock-picking college.

Whatever the cause, when you need glass repair Wellington it’s good to know that Express Glass is here for you, day and night, 365 days a year. Our trucks are constantly on the road – you’ll have seen them around – which means that one of our expert and highly skilled technicians is never very far away from you. In fact, our aim is to get to you within half an hour of your call. It’s often a lot less.

Large Stocks of Sliding Glass Doors and All Types of Glass

All of our trucks carry a large selection of the most common types of glass, together with door and window furniture, which means that in the majority of cases of glass repair Wellington our technician can fix your broken windows on the spot. Even if he hasn’t got everything that you need, our depot is not very far away and here we keep a huge inventory of glass and sliding glass door and window supplies. It is a very rare occasion if we haven’t got what you need on our shelves. Even if that should happen, we have a very good arrangement with our suppliers which means that we can get unusual types of glass in a matter of hours.

Furthermore, if you own a business – of whatever type – it’s a fact that employees can be extremely careless and they, too, can have accidents. If your store window gets broken by a window dresser or your sliding glass entrance doors get damaged, those are things that you need fixed fast so that you can get your business back to normal. This is another reason why we are geared up for rapid response when you need glass repair Wellington.

So when you have a problem, call us. We’ll be there quicker than you can say “Oh darn it!”

Boca Raton Glass Repair

Boca Raton: iPhones, No. Boca Raton: Glass Repair, Si!

Yes, we know we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. We still get calls on a daily basis from people whose daughters have dropped their iPhone and now want us to repair the glass front. We don’t do iPhones!

We get people calling who want a new windshield in their Ford Explorer SUV or Cadillac Sedan. We don’t do autos!

Please, let’s get it straight



It’s not that we object to people calling, but they are simply wasting their time because we can’t help them.

More Things We Don’t Do

Equally, we don’t do the glass in your picture frame, we don’t do mirrors, we don’t do glass for your coffee table, we don’t do glass for your Rolex, and there is probably a long list of other things glass that we don’t do.

When we say Boca Raton glass repair we are talking about homes and businesses – buildings. That’s what we do. We don’t do all those other things because we don’t have the expertise or the equipment. In exactly the same way the auto glass repair guys who specialize in windshields and the like don’t do homes and businesses because they don’t have the expertise or the equipment.

When the autoglass shop gets a broken window, do you suppose they try and fix it themselves? Of course they don’t – they call us. And when one of our trucks gets a broken windshield – as one did a couple of weeks ago – we take it to the autoglass repair shop. It’s called “horses for courses”. Some horses are outstanding on some racecourses and fail on others.

So we are outstanding when it comes to your home, office, factory, storefront, leisure center, and anything else that is a building, but we have to register a “fail” on iPhones etc.

We’re Not Just Outstanding – We’re #1 in Glass Repair in Boca Raton

In fact, we are not just outstanding at what we do specialize in, we are the number one for Boca Raton glass repair. Just ask any of our customers, or read the great reviews that we get. It’s all because we specialize.

We carry huge stocks of many different types of glass at our depots which means that even if your home or business has an unusual type of glass we probably have it in stock. That means you don’t have to wait for a week for your window to be fixed. We also carry a large inventory of window and door furniture and all the necessary parts to repair sliding glass doors.

So when your daughter’s iPhone needs repairing, you’ll just have to Google it. Sorry. But when you need Boca Raton glass repair because someone threw an empty wine bottle through your window after a party – that’s us!

Fort Lauderdale Glass Repair

Of Castles and Forts: Fort Lauderdale Glass Repair and Sand

If you’ve ever been down on the beach in Fort Lauderdale with the kids and watched them building sand castles you’ll know how much fun they have. However, those sand castles don’t last forever. In fact, they last for up to about ten or eleven hours if they were building them just after the tide started to go out, and as little as five hours if the tide was at its’ lowest and just starting to flood.

Either way, a sand castle doesn’t last very long.

Now here’s a scary thought: your windows and glass doors are made of exactly the same stuff – SAND!

Yes, OK, it’s been processed and it’s going to last a lot longer than your sand castle, but those windows and doors aren’t going to last forever. At some point you are going to need glass repair Fort Lauderdale.

This is especially true if your home or business is down by the beach, or near it, and you suffer from winds blowing off the Atlantic. When those winds pick up sand off the beach it can have quite a devastating effect on the glass in your windows and doors, especially during the hurricane season.

Not Just The Glass, We Repair Sliding Glass Doors, Too

It’s not just the glass, either. If you have sliding glass doors, which many Fort Lauderdalians (is that a word?) do, then the sand can get into the runners and rollers and cause havoc in a very short space of time. It’s time for glass repair Fort Lauderdale.

Luckily for you, Express Glass is on hand. We are your local #1 recommended glass repair company in Fort Lauderdale, because we always go the extra mile. To begin with, we operate a genuine 24 hour 365 day emergency glass repair service, so if you have a broken window or you can’t shut your sliding glass door, one call to us is all it takes. One of our local expert technicians will usually be with you – wherever you are in the city – in less than half an hour.

Not only that, he carries a large inventory of glass and spares on his truck which means that he will normally be able to repair your broken windows in one visit –  no running back to our depot for parts. For glass repair Fort Lauderdale think Express Glass.

If it has got to the point where you can’t see out of your windows and glass doors because of the constant assault by the weather, then we can install brand new 21st century windows and sliding glass doors that will cut down your energy bills, as they have the latest technology built in.

What’s more, you’ll be able to see through the windows again and watch your kids building sand castles on the beach!

West Palm Beach Glass Repair

As West Palm Beach’s Top Glass Repair Service, Express Glass Announces New Blog Post Renewing a “Local First” Strategy

February 7, 2017. West Palm Beach, Florida

Express Glass and Board Up, glass repair professionals serving West Palm Beach and all of Palm Beach County at, is proud to announce a new blog post. As wedding season approaches, the company has renewed a commitment to being the best in glass repair and replacement services for the Florida area.

“We’ve been serving the Florida community for several years now and feel the same we way we did when we opened up. We are a ‘local first’ glass repair service in West Palm Beach,” explained Yani Santos, general manager of Express Glass. “Our new pledge is to continue offering the best glass repair service for West Palm Beach. Our new blog post reflects this renewed vow as a ‘local first’ small business in the county.”

To read the new blog post for a commitment to glass repair please go to: For more information about glass repair services, visit Details for residential and commercial glass repair as well as 24/7 emergency glass repair can be reviewed, whether city-specific or not.

Express Glass Vows To Offer the Best in Glass Repair for West Palm Beach

Weddings in West Palm Beach can be a popular choice for young couples. Lovely beaches and the mildly tropical weather can add to the dream scenario a bride and groom desire. While a happy couple makes plans, the wedding planner and supporting staff may be committed to offering the best experience. Providing a ceremony to remember can take hours of pre-planning and organization. If a venue requires sprucing up prior to the nuptials, it could include checking all patio doors and windows for cracked or broken glass. At that moment, the commitment to a perfect wedding day may be extended to a top glass repair service.

Express Glass, an expert glass repair service in West Palm Beach has recently announced a renewed commitment to the affluent Florida community of West Palm Beach. Since opening, the business has made it a priority to offer the best in glass repair for all occasions. To avoid the danger of broken window and patio glass at a wedding, a quick inspection from an expert glass repair technician can help. Checking sliding glass doors for a smooth glide and stable glass can help ensure the safety of wedding guests. If a reception becomes too lively and glass is shattered before the last dance, 24/7 emergency glass repair can be provided as well. West Palm Beach brides and the surrounding community can rely on Express Glass, a dedicated glass repair service, to be around for the long run. The new blog post articulates this “local first” philosophy.

About Express Glass and Board Up

Express Glass and Board Up Service Inc. is a family owned and operated glass repair business with more than 20 years of experience. Their professional technicians and the large variety of inventory make Express Glass the top glass repair service. If customers are looking for West Palm Beach glass repair or Ft. Lauderdale glass repair as well as glass repair in Delray Beach or West Palm Beach glass repair, please reach out to the company for a free estimate. If customers need a 24/7 Sliding Glass Door repair service in Ft. Lauderdale or Boca Raton or Miramar, technicians are standing by. The company specializes in sliding glass door repair and window glass repair; technicians will handle any glass replacement situation efficiently. Home or business glass repair is the company’s main priority.

Express Glass Repair and Board up

Miami FL glass repair

Express Glass Announces Humorous Post with Progressive and Conservative Spin

Express Glass & Board Up, one of Miami’s top expert glass repair and replacement services, is proud to announce an update to its glass repair page. News reports may discuss a division between conservative and progressive values, but the company uses both to approach glass repair service. An unwavering belief in top customer service and forward-thinking attitude about glass repair can be the common ground. This post is just in time for the anticipated early 2017 rush to repair glass windows and doors around the house.

“There seems to be a lot of talk about differences between progressive and conservative values these days,” commented Yaniet Santos, General Manager of Express Glass. “We use the common ground approach to our glass repair service. We tend to be traditional about how we value our customers and innovative in how we approach glass repair service. We also known – from the past – that January is a busy month, as shoppers turn from the holidays to home repair issues.”

To review the updated web page for glass repair please go to Information about glass repair and replacement for businesses and residences can be reviewed. 24 hour emergency glass repair and a 10% coupon can also be evaluated, and it is noted that the company has a “conservative” approach, offering consumers glass repairs and a “progressive” approach, offering full-service replacement services to Miami customers. The timely post anticipates the post-January rush, as consumers shift from holiday shopping to home improvement. (This is a common pattern each year).

Miami, Florida Can Find Common Ground with a Progressive and Conservative Approach to Glass Repair

Miami locals may be under the impression that choosing a value system has to be an either/or approach. Either a family is conservative or progressive. Business owners may also create a mission statement based on one ideal or the other. The best approach for managing a business can lie right in the middle. Traditional conservative values that champion an unwavering dedication to the best customer service can be a plus to businesses. Progressive values such as a continuous desire to improve service, and replace (rather than repair) glass windows or doors, can also be a great company value. A smart Miami businesses can apply both ideals to create a top glass repair service.

Express Glass has recently updated the glass repair page to reflect the best of both conservative and progressive values. Choosing the right value system for a specific component to business can be vital. Stocking a modest selection of window glass for repairs may not be the right idea. A progressive attitude towards can mean offering a better, wider selection for any glass repair emergency. At the same time, a progressive approach may not work if a company constantly changes business hours. Miami customers may expect the reliability of 24/7 glass repair service. Both progressive and conservative beliefs may appear to hold opposing values, but the right mix can create a brilliant business acumen. The best Miami glass repair service has found common ground between the two.

About Express Glass Repair and Board Up

Express Glass and Board Up Service Inc. is a family owned and operated glass repair business with more than 20 years of experience. The company’s professional technicians and large variety of inventory make Express Glass the top glass repair service in Miami, FL. If customers are looking for Miami sliding glass door repair or Ft. Lauderdale glass repair as well as glass repair in West Palm Beach, please reach out to the company for a free estimate. If customers need emergency 24/7 Sliding Glass Door repair service in Miami or Boca Raton or Miramar, technicians are standing by. The company specializes in sliding glass door repair and window glass repair; technicians will handle any glass replacement situation efficiently. Home or business glass repair is the company’s main priority.
Express Glass Repair and Board up

Quality Glass Repair

Port St. Lucie Glass Repair 2016

The Hurricane Season, Glass Repair, and Port St. Lucie

Well folks, it looks as though we might have dodged the bullet of the hurricane season again this year. However, Hurricane Matthew came a darn bit too close for our way of thinking. A little bit nearer and it would have been a lot of trouble, but it seems the gods were on our side.

Of course, as you might have guessed, it kept us pretty busy for a few days. We were boarding up everything in sight!

Preferred Customers for Glass Repair Services

This is where it pays to get on our preferred customers list. If you own a business and might be in need of board up Port St. Lucie at some point in the future, now is a very good time to get on our list while you think about it.

The way it works is this: you give us a call and we will come out and measure up all of your glass windows and doors. This service is totally free – doesn’t cost you a cent. All this information is then stored on our database.

Simply put, when the next hurricane threatens and you need board up Port St. Lucie we have all your measurements on hand and – most importantly – you get PREFERENTIAL treatment. We come out to you first. Everyone else can wait in the queue.

It works exactly the same way even if there is no hurricane. If your business should get vandalized (we hope it doesn’t, but this is the 21st century after all), or if one of your employees should cause an accident breaking your windows or doors, whatever else is going on at the time you still get first call. So whether it’s hurricane preparedness or something else, give us a call.

Very often we can repair or replace your damaged windows or doors on the spot, but if we can’t for some reason, and you need board up Port St. Lucie, then that’s what we’ll do. Then we can order in whatever is needed. We do keep huge stocks of glass of all types at our depots, but if your showroom window is 15’ x 10’ it’s possible we might not have that in stock. At the very least, we can make your business secure in the meantime.

Special Arrangements for Port St. Lucie Customers

You will be pleased to know that we have special arrangements with our glass suppliers which mean that we can get replacement glass in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks that other glass repair companies might take. It means that you can get your business up and running again in the shortest amount of time possible.

Of course, it’s quite possible that you might never need our board up and glass repair services, but why take the chance?

Give us a call right now and we’ll come and measure up your premises at a time that suits you.

Florida Glass Repair (& Some History): the Port St. Lucie Leader

We love our history, and the other day we were thinking about Florida’s long association with our Spanish forbearers, and the State’s connection with Catholicism.

Florida was discovered in March 1513 by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. He landed near what is today St Augustine and claimed the land for Spain, naming the country La Florida or “place of flowers”. Florida today has some towns named for saints, such as St Augustine, St Cloud, and St Petersburg.

St. Augustine is named for St Augustine of Hippo which is modern day Annaba in Algeria. He was the bishop there until he died in August 430 AD. St Petersburg is named for the Russian city which was founded in May 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great.

A Lot Of History in Florida

So yes, there is a lot of history around in Florida, and we do love our history. What we love even more is when we get called for Port St. Lucie glass repair and we are able to restore a local home to its’ once glorious heritage. (Yes, we looked up St Lucie while we were in our history mood and found that it is likely named after St Lucy, a Christian martyr who died in AD304).

Port St. Lucie was just a fishing camp and a few farms in the 1950’s but by 1961 some 250 homes had been built. Today, the city has a population of 171,000 and some of the older homes have windows that are outdated and in need of Port St. Lucie glass repair.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Fortunately for local residents, we also operate a 24 hour emergency glass repair service for the very simple reason that accidents do happen and so does vandalism and burglary. The police advise that any windows that get broken – for whatever reason – should be repaired as soon as humanly possible. If windows are left damaged they are an open invitation to any passing thief who doesn’t need to “break in” because that has already been done for him. All he needs to do is to reach through the broken glass and turn the handle.

That is why we are on hand 24 hours a day. When you phone our office for Port St. Lucie glass repair you will get answered by a real human being, whatever time of day or night it is, and he or she will dispatch our nearest technician to you immediately. Our technicians are on the road at all times, not just sitting around in the office drinking coffee, and we can usually get to you in less than 30 minutes.

A very good idea is to put our phone number in the directory of your mobile. You may never need us, but if the worst happens you won’t need to get on to Google searching for glass repair at two in the morning.

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