West Palm Beach Board Up: It’s for More than Hurricanes (Really!)

West Palm Beach board-up is one of those services we provide that doesn’t get a lot of attention until there is a hurricane heading our way. Then suddenly businesses and homes are being boarded-up all over the city, as we noticed when Irma was heading this way. Luckily, we escaped the worst of it and were not under five feet of water as the unfortunate residents of Miami were. Of course, Irma has had the effect of increasing the awareness of local businesses as to just how important it is to have a board-up partner.

However, believe it or not, West Palm Beach board-up is something that happens quite often as a result of other causes. It can be an employee accident. It could be vandalism. It could be a result of breaking and entering. It could be a result of a truck or bus coming off the road and demolishing the front of your store.

Security Is Vital and Board Up Helps Your West Palm Beach Business Stay Safe

Ideally, at Express Glass we would like to get any broken windows or glass doors on your premises repaired or replaced as fast as possible. However, there are times when we might have to order in a large piece of glass, or cannot make an instant repair to your glass door because perhaps the motor is broken. At times like these keeping your premises secure is the most vital thing and the answer then is West Palm Beach board-up.

No, it doesn’t look nice, but if you don’t want all and sundry wandering into your store, office, factory, bar, or whatever other type of business you own, then board-up is the answer. It will keep you safe until we can get what is needed.

As it happens, we have huge stocks of glass at our depot, but there are times when we don’t have what you need – not often, but sometimes. In those cases we have special arrangements with our suppliers which mean that we can usually get what you need in a matter of hours – not the days or sometimes weeks some companies take – but even so you need your premises secure even if it is only for a half day or so.

Preferred Customers for Board Up Services in West Palm Beach & Environs

What you might like to consider is to get your business on to our Preferred Customers list. We will come out to your business by appointment and measure up all your glass doors and windows and enter all the details on to our database. That means that when you have an emergency we will know what is needed and be able to bring it with us, cutting down the amount of time taken to get you back up and running again. It also means that, in the case of things like hurricanes, you get priority treatment.

This service is completely free, so go ahead and give us a call. You know it makes sense.