Of Hurricanes, West Palm Beach & Board Up Services

West Palm Beach is very much a “beach” community which is super in the summer when you can barbecue outside or take part in water sports. You can go fishing, rent a jet ski from Get Wet Watersports on Singer Island, or even try flyboarding with SoFlo Flyboarding – now that IS an experience you’ll never forget! You can enjoy an easy lesson five feet over the water or soar up to heights of 25 feet – amazing!

Yes, there’s plenty to do in West Palm Beach down by the water in the summer, but it becomes a different matter entirely when the hurricane season swings into action. Down by the beach is not where you want to be then. What you need when a hurricane is heading our way is to have your home or business boarded up. Sure, the hurricane MIGHT not hit, but then again can you afford to take the risk?

This is why you need a relationship with a company that does board up such as ourselves. However, when a hurricane is blowing up the simple fact is that even we can’t handle all the West Palm Beach board up that suddenly everyone wants us to do. This is why we pre-book our relationships on what we call our Preferred Customers list. If your name is on that, then you get priority over others who are not. Simple as.

So if you want your home to be protected when the worst happens just give us a call right away.

Measure Up: Board Up Services in West Palm Beach, Florida

If you are a business, then we can do something even better for you. Call us and make a convenient appointment and we will send out one of our expert technicians who will measure up all your windows and doors. This information will then be entered into our database. That means that when you call us out for West Palm Beach board up we already have all your measurements so we can arrive with all the correct sizes of timber required to carry out the work on the spot. It saves a lot of time and it means that we can get your store, office, factory, or whatever boarded up in the shortest amount of time.

How much do we charge to come out and measure up? Nil. Zilch. Nada. It’s a free service!

Yes, we have been asked why we don’t do this for residential properties who might need West Palm Beach board up, but it’s a question of numbers. We simply don’t have enough people to do this for all the residents who ask us, much as we would like to.

But either way, whether you own a residential or a business property, make certain to get on our Preferred Customers list right away so that you’re on our list for hurricane preparedness services.