Commercial Board Up in Fort Lauderdale is ALWAYS an Emergency!

It’s a sad fact of life in South Florida that we are in the path of hurricanes at this time of year. It’s a lovely place in which to live, but the potential of hurricane damage is the downside. There are plenty of other places in the world which are also nice to live in but don’t have the threat of hurricanes every year. So if this is where we choose to be – and why not? – we have to be prepared for the fact that every now and then we are going to get hit by the weather. It may only happen once in ten or twenty years, but when it does it can cause massive problems.

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing when a hurricane is going to strike, other than that if we have had a few years with no trouble, then it’s a fair bet that we are heading into some sooner rather than later. Matthew last year came a bit too close for comfort for Fort Lauderdale commercial board up, although we avoided the worst.

At Express Glass & Board Up we help both residential and commercial property owners, but it is the commercial businesses that are really under threat. Long after a hurricane has passed they can be losing money for weeks or even months on end because the glass repair companies are simply swamped. We know because we have seen hurricanes before and there is only so much that we can do, no matter how much we would like to restore everybody’s premises to normal working the next day. Frankly, a major hurricane causes damage that is going to take time before everyone is restored to normal working.

Become A Preferred Customer and Get a Board Up Reservation

The simple answer is to become one of our Preferred Customers for Fort Lauderdale commercial board up. The way it works is really very simple. You call us NOW – before the hurricane season arrives – and we will send out one of our technicians to measure up all of your doors and windows and enter all the figures into our database.

Then if we have a situation like last year with Matthew you can call us in to board up your business and you get priority treatment because you are on our list. What’s more, since we have all your measurements on file our technicians will arrive with all the right materials in the correct sizes so there is no question of running back and forth to our depot.

This way, your business is protected in the fastest time possible, while everyone else simply has to wait in the queue. We’re sorry, we’d like it to be easier, but we simply don’t have the spare capacity for Fort Lauderdale commercial board up for everyone at an instant’s notice.

How do you get on our Preferred Customers list? Simple. Just call us right away or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and we will send our technician out at a time convenient to you.

What does it cost?

Here’s the best bit: it is totally FREE!

That’s right. We provide this service to all Fort Lauderdale businesses completely free of charge. But we only have limited slots available at the moment, so your best bet is to pick up the phone right away in order to ensure that your business is first in the queue the next time a hurricane heads our way.