Boca Raton Emergency Glass Repair: Year Round, Month Round, & Round the Clock

Hurricane Irma struck Boca Raton causing a huge amount of damage. Virtually half of the city (49%) was without power, largely as a result of trees crashing down on power lines. Our lovely ficus trees provide beautiful shade, but sadly a lot of them will not be doing that anymore as the ficus has very shallow roots and cannot withstand something like Irma.

Mayor Susan Haynie said that the city may consider paying to bury its power cables. FPL had spent millions of dollars hardening their transmission system, but it was the lines that failed.

So did the beaches. During the recent re-nourishment project the fresh sand brought in added 100 feet to the beaches, but Irma swept away 80% of that overnight!

However, as a community we are now beginning to recover. While we have been frantically busy here at Express Glass & Board Up, we’d remind you that glass emergencies happen all the time, not just during a hurricane.

It’s A Fact Of Life That Glass Breaks; and It’s a Fact that We Repair it

It’s just a plain fact of life that glass breaks. Or at least, ordinary glass does. Accidents in the home, employee accidents, and sheer old-fashioned vandalism, cause damage to windows and glass doors across the city every day of the year. That is to say nothing of break-ins. This is why we operate a genuine 24/7/365 Boca Raton emergency glass repair service so that no matter what time of day or night something happens we are always there for residents and businesses alike.

Our trucks and technicians are constantly on the road, and they carry large stocks of the most common types of glass together with door and window hardware – hinges, handles, locks, and so on – so that they can usually be with you within 30 minutes of your call and also mostly are able to repair the damage in one visit.

Our emergency phones are manned constantly by real people, so you can explain exactly what is wrong rather than talking to a computer that tells you what you can say, as in “You can say things like….” and then it gives you a couple of things that IT would like to hear rather than what you want to say. Don’t you find that infuriating when you ring a business? We do, which is why we let you talk to a real person.

So we are not here just to board up before a hurricane or mop up afterwards. We are here for you day and night all the year round when you need Boca Raton emergency glass repair.