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West Palm Beach Glass Window Repair

Express Glass Announces Update to West Palm Beach Glass Window Repair Page Regarding Hurricane Proof Windows

Express Glass & Board Up, experts in glass replacement and repair for West Palm Beach and all of South Florida, is proud to announce an update to their West Palm Beach glass window repair web page. Hurricane season can mean added stress to sliding glass doors and windows. If the glass in a patio door hasn’t been looked at for several seasons extra pressure from hurricane-type winds could shatter glass. Windows glass could also suffer the same fate. A quick inspection may help prepare for such an event. For this reason, the company is announcing a timely update to its blog content.

“Storms can bring unexpected consequences in West Palm Beach,”
commented Yani Santos, general manager of Express Glass. “During hurricane season we get a lot of calls from residents who didn’t realize their window glass was weak enough to shatter during a storm. Checking for high-wind resistance by scheduling a quick inspection can help avoid such a disaster.”

To review the updated web page regarding West Palm Beach Glass Window Repair go to Early inspections of weak window glass and older patio doors may aid in averting an emergency. Window glass and double-pane glass resistant to high winds can help strengthen the safety of a home or business during hurricane season. Those who’d like to reach information specific to West Palm Beach glass repair services can visit

West Palm Beach Glass Window Repair and Unexpected Disasters

Here is the background to this important announcement. News reports throughout the United States have highlighted the aftermath of natural disasters during storm season. Tornados in the Southern States may result in images of timber strewn across a neighborhood. Flash floods in western states can create piles of debris racing down a terrain. Common images in areas such as Florida may be blown out glass in storefronts or homes due to a hurricane.

A broken glass disaster can happen any time of the day or night. If Florida locals desire to stay off an evening news report, a glass window repair inspection may need to be considered before a storm arrives.

For this reason, Express Glass and Board Up has announced an update to the West Palm Beach glass window repair page. Hurricane season can be expected to occur every year along the Florida coastline. High winds and flying debris may pummel weak window glass to the point of breaking. The company has improved the West Palm Beach glass window repair page to help locals review options for the best glass types to withstand a hurricane. Shatter-resistant double pane glass and hurricane-proof glass installed before storm season may help avoid a glass repair emergency. High impact winds may be a way of life to Florida residents, yet a personal disaster may not be expected. West Palm Beach locals may consider a quick inspection of glass windows and doors to help avoid an unexpected disaster.

About Express Glass Repair and Board Up

Express Glass and Board Up Service Inc. is a family owned and operated glass repair business with more than 20 years of experience. Their professional technicians and the large variety of inventory make Express Glass the top glass door repair service. If customers are looking for Miami sliding glass door repair or West Palm Beach glass window repair as well as glass repair in Delray Beach, please reach out to the company for a free estimate. If customers need a 24/7 sliding glass door repair service in Miami or Boca Raton or Miramar, technicians are standing by. The company specializes in sliding glass door repair and window glass repair; technicians will handle any glass replacement situation efficiently. Home or business glass repair is the company’s main priority.
Express Glass Repair and Board up

Quality Glass Repair

Emergency window repair in Ft. Lauderdale.

Ft. Lauderdale Broken Window? That’s an Emergency Glass Repair

Contrary to whatever anyone under the age of 30 believes, a broken glass screen on your iPhone does not constitute a major emergency. It is actually possible to be without an iPhone for up to 72 hours before rigor mortis sets in.

A broken windshield on your car? Well that might be an emergency, depending upon where you need to be and how long you have to get there.

Unfortunately, if either of the above disasters occurs to you we are unable to help. We don’t do auto glass (although a lot of people think we do) and we most certainly don’t meddle about with iPhones – or any phones for that matter. Far too fiddly for us. As for auto glass, it’s simply not our specialty. We leave windshields and other car windows to the auto glass repair guys in exactly the same way that they leave broken windows and sliding glass doors in homes and businesses to us. That’s our specialty.

Indeed, when the auto glass guys need Ft. Lauderdale emergency glass repair for their workshops they call us. In the same way, when the windshield of one of our trucks gets broken, which happens from time to time because we are out on the road constantly, we take our truck in to see them. It’s what’s known as horses for courses. Some horses run well on certain tracks but not on others.

Time To Call Us: Emergency Glass Repair for Ft. Lauderdale

So, yes, when you have a broken window or glass door in your home or business and need Ft. Lauderdale emergency glass repair, it’s time to call us. We operate a genuine 24 hour emergency glass repair service in Ft. Lauderdale so you can call us at any time of day or night. A broken window or glass door is always an emergency. Apart from any other consideration, South Florida police will tell you that a broken window is a heaven sent opportunity for any passing thief who can enter your premises without actually going to the trouble of breaking in.

Did you know that the average thief is in your home for just eight minutes? In that time he can ruin your life by stealing priceless belongings and things such as family heirlooms which are simply not replaceable, no matter how much insurance you have.

It is not just theft that you need to worry about either. If you have a broken window during the wet season and the afternoon storm is on its way, you need it fixed, and fixed fast. That’s why our Ft. Lauderdale emergency glass repair service is available. We are here for you day or night, whenever you need us, and we will usually get to you within 30 minutes of your call.

Now that’s what we call service.

Miami emergency glass repair service.

A True Miami Emergency Glass Service? Always On Call

There are some glass repair services in Miami that refer to themselves as “emergency” glass repair services, or at least they do on their websites. However, if you try calling them at 9.00 pm you’ll find there’s nobody at home. By contrast, at Express Glass & Board Up we are open for business 24/7/365 – and 24/7/366 in a leap year! We are called the company that never sleeps.

That’s right: if you call US at 9.00 pm for our Miami emergency glass repair service you get answered by a real person. The same thing happens at 2.00 am, 5.00am or any other “am”. We are ALWAYS open. We don’t have a telephone answering machine because we don’t need one – we’re always here in person. (While we are on that subject, worse still are those computers that answer you and tell you what you can and can’t say, and if you don’t say what they want you to say they then tell you “I’m sorry. I didn’t quite understand that”. Infuriating!!).

Answered By A Fellow Human Being; Miami’s #1 Glass Repair for Emergencies

So, yes, whenever you call us you will be answered by a fellow human being – day or night. What’s more, we keep our trucks on the road in Miami day and night too. This means that whatever time you call us, one of our expert technicians is never very far away from you, and might even be in the next street. The result is that when you have a broken window or glass door and need a Miami emergency glass repair service we will nearly always be with you in less than 30 minutes. How many other so-called “emergency” glass services in Miami can do that? None that we know of.

Large Stocks of Glass Windows & Doors

Furthermore, all of our trucks carry stocks of all the most common types of glass which means that in most cases our technician will be able to repair your window or door, sweep up all the broken glass for you, and be on his way to the next call before you know it.

If we don’t happen to have the right glass on board our technician’s truck it is no big deal because we carry absolutely huge stocks of glass of all types at our depots. So even then it is usually just a case of making a short trip back to the depot to select the glass that is needed. We also carry all sorts of spares of door and window furniture, rollers for sliding glass doors, and more, so that we can get your home or business back to normal in the shortest amount of time possible.

That’s our idea of a proper Miami emergence glass repair service and we’d bet it is your idea too.  

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Board Up.

Commercial Board Up in Fort Lauderdale is ALWAYS an Emergency!

It’s a sad fact of life in South Florida that we are in the path of hurricanes at this time of year. It’s a lovely place in which to live, but the potential of hurricane damage is the downside. There are plenty of other places in the world which are also nice to live in but don’t have the threat of hurricanes every year. So if this is where we choose to be – and why not? – we have to be prepared for the fact that every now and then we are going to get hit by the weather. It may only happen once in ten or twenty years, but when it does it can cause massive problems.

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing when a hurricane is going to strike, other than that if we have had a few years with no trouble, then it’s a fair bet that we are heading into some sooner rather than later. Matthew last year came a bit too close for comfort for Fort Lauderdale commercial board up, although we avoided the worst.

At Express Glass & Board Up we help both residential and commercial property owners, but it is the commercial businesses that are really under threat. Long after a hurricane has passed they can be losing money for weeks or even months on end because the glass repair companies are simply swamped. We know because we have seen hurricanes before and there is only so much that we can do, no matter how much we would like to restore everybody’s premises to normal working the next day. Frankly, a major hurricane causes damage that is going to take time before everyone is restored to normal working.

Become A Preferred Customer and Get a Board Up Reservation

The simple answer is to become one of our Preferred Customers for Fort Lauderdale commercial board up. The way it works is really very simple. You call us NOW – before the hurricane season arrives – and we will send out one of our technicians to measure up all of your doors and windows and enter all the figures into our database.

Then if we have a situation like last year with Matthew you can call us in to board up your business and you get priority treatment because you are on our list. What’s more, since we have all your measurements on file our technicians will arrive with all the right materials in the correct sizes so there is no question of running back and forth to our depot.

This way, your business is protected in the fastest time possible, while everyone else simply has to wait in the queue. We’re sorry, we’d like it to be easier, but we simply don’t have the spare capacity for Fort Lauderdale commercial board up for everyone at an instant’s notice.

How do you get on our Preferred Customers list? Simple. Just call us right away or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and we will send our technician out at a time convenient to you.

What does it cost?

Here’s the best bit: it is totally FREE!

That’s right. We provide this service to all Fort Lauderdale businesses completely free of charge. But we only have limited slots available at the moment, so your best bet is to pick up the phone right away in order to ensure that your business is first in the queue the next time a hurricane heads our way.

Miami Board Up.

Miami Plus Hurricane Equals Board Up Service Imperative

We don’t know if it’s just us, but doesn’t the time seem to just fly by these days? It only seems like yesterday that it was Thanksgiving and then Christmas, yet here we are in the height of summer. In turn, that means that the hurricane season is not very far away. We hope that it doesn’t strike us, but now is a VERY good time to organize Miami board up for your windows and doors, because who knows?

If you operate any sort of a business in the city and the surrounding area you need to be prepared for Miami board up to protect yourself from the potential devastation that can occur. OK, we haven’t had a major strike for a few years but that means that we may well be due for one. Last year Matthew came uncomfortably close, after all. What will 2017 bring?

Fortunately, at Express Glass & Board Up we operate a very special service for businesses in South Florida. It works like this: we will send one of our experts out to your business in Miami and measure up all of your doors and windows. All of the measurements are then entered into our Preferred Customers database.

Now, if the worst should happen we have all your measurements on file so if the hurricane approaches you can call us out to board up your business. First, it means that we will arrive with all of the necessary materials for boarding up, so no time is lost running back and forwards to our depot: we already know what you need.

Second, you get priority over all other customers who are NOT on our Preferred Customer list. They can wait in line while we attend to your requirements first. We’ll just get around to them as soon as we can, obviously, but you get priority. If Matthew was anything to go by, that means that many businesses simply won’t get boarded up at all. After all, we only have so many technicians available and we have to look after our Preferred Customers first.

How Much for a Board Up Service?

So how much would you expect to pay to get on our Preferred Customers list?

Here’s the good news: it’s NOTHING AT ALL!

Yes, you read that correctly. We make no charge whatsoever for coming out and measuring up and entering all your details on to our database. Try and find another glass repair company that will do that for you!

However, here’s the bad news. There are obviously only so many businesses that we can allow on our Preferred Customers list. What’s more, at this point in time we only have a few slots available.

So if you want to ensure that you get priority for Miami board up when that next hurricane approaches give us a call right away, or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Become one of our Preferred Customers and be safe in the knowledge that our efforts at hurricane preparedness will help you to stay safe.

West Palm Beach Emergency Glass Repair.

Emergency Glass Repair in West Palm Beach When The Revenues Don’t Flow

When you run a business in West Palm Beach you are saddled with very high rents – more so than in many other South Florida cities – so it is vital to keep the revenues flowing. This means that if you have broken windows or broken glass doors in your business they need to be repaired as fast as possible so that you can – literally – keep customers coming through the door. A few days “offline” can be devastating, but it seems that many glass repair companies simply don’t understand this. They want to keep you waiting for days for what is in fact an emergency.

This is why at Express Glass & Board Up we operate a genuine 24 hour West Palm Beach emergency glass repair service. We are a small business and we “get” it. No matter what the problem or what time of day or night it is, we are always open so that we can keep your business open. Our trucks are constantly on the road in West Palm Beach and our telephones are manned by real human beings – not for us some answering machine that asks you to call back at 9.00 am.

No Need To Search On Google for Emergency Glass Repair Services

So if a bus or truck comes off the road at 3.00 am and smashes into your store front, there is no need to log on to Google and start trying to find a West Palm Beach emergency glass repair service because we are it. In fact, it is a good idea to do what many West Palm Beach business owners have done and that is to put our number in the directory of your mobile. Then if the worst happens, all you need to do is to press a key on your phone and you are straight through to our operator. You may never need us, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Since our trucks are out on the road day and night, it follows that there is never a technician far away from you, and indeed we can usually get to you within 30 minutes of your call, and often less. Our trucks carry large stocks of all the common types of glass which means that our technician will very often be able to repair the damage on his first call. If not, we carry a very large inventory of glass, door and window furniture, and the like, at our depots so we usually have what you need in stock.

In the worst case scenario we can board you up until we have located what is needed, but we have special arrangements with our suppliers and will be able to get what you need in a matter of hours – not days or weeks like some companies we know.

So when you are in need of West Palm Beach emergency glass repair you know who to call: Express Glass & Board Up.

West Palm Beach board up.

Of Hurricanes, West Palm Beach & Board Up Services

West Palm Beach is very much a “beach” community which is super in the summer when you can barbecue outside or take part in water sports. You can go fishing, rent a jet ski from Get Wet Watersports on Singer Island, or even try flyboarding with SoFlo Flyboarding – now that IS an experience you’ll never forget! You can enjoy an easy lesson five feet over the water or soar up to heights of 25 feet – amazing!

Yes, there’s plenty to do in West Palm Beach down by the water in the summer, but it becomes a different matter entirely when the hurricane season swings into action. Down by the beach is not where you want to be then. What you need when a hurricane is heading our way is to have your home or business boarded up. Sure, the hurricane MIGHT not hit, but then again can you afford to take the risk?

This is why you need a relationship with a company that does board up such as ourselves. However, when a hurricane is blowing up the simple fact is that even we can’t handle all the West Palm Beach board up that suddenly everyone wants us to do. This is why we pre-book our relationships on what we call our Preferred Customers list. If your name is on that, then you get priority over others who are not. Simple as.

So if you want your home to be protected when the worst happens just give us a call right away.

Measure Up: Board Up Services in West Palm Beach, Florida

If you are a business, then we can do something even better for you. Call us and make a convenient appointment and we will send out one of our expert technicians who will measure up all your windows and doors. This information will then be entered into our database. That means that when you call us out for West Palm Beach board up we already have all your measurements so we can arrive with all the correct sizes of timber required to carry out the work on the spot. It saves a lot of time and it means that we can get your store, office, factory, or whatever boarded up in the shortest amount of time.

How much do we charge to come out and measure up? Nil. Zilch. Nada. It’s a free service!

Yes, we have been asked why we don’t do this for residential properties who might need West Palm Beach board up, but it’s a question of numbers. We simply don’t have enough people to do this for all the residents who ask us, much as we would like to.

But either way, whether you own a residential or a business property, make certain to get on our Preferred Customers list right away so that you’re on our list for hurricane preparedness services.

Take care when choosing sliding glass door suppliers in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Any Port St. Lucie Glass Repair Company in a Storm? Not if its’ Sliding Glass Door Repair

There is an old saying “any port in a storm” which makes sense. If you are out on the high seas and a storm blows up you don’t want to be picky about what sort of port you pull into – you just take the nearest one, even if it is not a very nice port.

However, this doesn’t apply to Port St. Lucie sliding glass door repair. There are some good companies, there are some not so good companies, and there are some excellent companies.  At Express Glass we belong in the last group. Why? Because all of our technicians are highly trained, and we carry out sliding glass door repair and replacement every day of our lives. Furthermore, we have been doing it for years and we are fully conversant with every type of sliding door, no matter who was the manufacturer.

Huge Stocks of Sliding Glass Doors and Glass Windows

We also have a huge stock of all sorts of spares for sliding glass doors which enables us to carry out Port St. Lucie sliding glass door repair on the first call in most instances. Other companies might not have in stock the parts that you need, but it is a rarity if we do not. Holding large stocks is a good thing, because there are a lot of moving parts in sliding glass doors, and of course over the years they wear and need replacement.

It is not surprising that rollers and runners get worn. They can get clogged up with pet hairs, mud from the yard, bits of leaves in the fall, bird feathers, and all sorts of things. They also suffer from a considerable amount of use. For instance, if you have kids running in and out of the yard all day that sliding glass door might get opened and closed a dozen times. Multiply that by 40 years of use and your sliding glass door may have been slid backwards or forwards as many as 400,000 times! It’s hardly surprising that the poor old things suffer from wear and tear – they’ve got every right to!

Call On The Port St. Lucie Glass Repair Professionals

So when it comes to Port St. Lucie sliding glass door repair you want to call on the professionals. That’s us. In the vast majority of cases we can repair your sliding glass door and have it gliding backwards and forwards like new again.

Of course, there are occasions when it might be better to install a new door, but that’s OK as we can supply and install a new door of your choice. If you wish, we will give you a quote for both repairing the existing door and supplying a new one. That way, you can make an informed choice.

Sliding glass door repair in Boca Raton.

Don’t DIY Glass Repair in Boca Raton. (Here’s Why).

When you are in need of Boca Raton sliding glass door repair it is not a good idea to attempt it yourself – unless, of course, you just happen to be trained in the art of fixing sliding glass doors. We have lost count of the number of times that we have been called out to somebody’s home in the city because they have decided on a Saturday morning that they are “definitely going to fix that door.”

There they are, the door is out in the yard leaning against the fence, and they are sitting on the floor with parts – rollers, runners, and all sorts – all around them trying to remember which piece goes back where.

Rollers Very Worn… Glass Repair To Be Done

That, and of course the fact that some of the rollers are very worn and they haven’t got a clue where to go to get replacements. Belzers Hardware perhaps? Everglades Design Center? Millers Elegant Hardware? They could spend the rest of Saturday running around town trying to find the bits they need, and even if they did manage to get the right parts the storm is brewing and they have a big hole in the side of their home!

So, having made the proverbial pig’s breakfast of it they call us in a panic for Boca Raton sliding glass door repair. Because it’s what we do. We repair sliding glass doors every day of the week – Sundays included. We are Express Glass & Board Up and we never close. We are here for you whenever you need us – even at three in the morning.

We have huge stocks of spare parts for all sorts of different sliding glass doors – yes, even those that are forty or fifty years old. What would take you all of the weekend – even if you ever managed to figure out where all those parts go back – we can do in a couple of hours.

Job For The Professionals in Boca Raton!

Boca Raton sliding glass door repair is like anything else – it’s a job for the professionals. You may be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a plumber, or a baker, and you need to take into consideration the value of your time. Why on earth try to attempt a job that is really beyond the capabilities of the average man in the street? We don’t try to fix our own plumbing when it goes wrong – we call in a plumber!

So when you need your sliding glass door repaired don’t try to DIY. GTPTDIFYGet The Professionals To Do It For You! That’s us – Express Glass!

Use a local company for West Palm Beach glass repair.

Go West Palm Beach! Go Local! (For Your Glass Repair Needs)

When you need West Palm Beach glass repair it’s always a bit of a shock. Broken windows and broken sliding glass doors are usually caused by accidents, but can also be caused by deliberate damage such as in burglary. Whichever way, they always have two things in common and that is that they are unexpected and there is no way you could have planned for them.

However, when the worst happens it always pays to use a local company to repair the damage.

We would say that, wouldn’t we? After all, we’re a local company, not part of some national chain, with offices in West Palm Beach and other South Florida communities. But when you stop to think about it there are a couple of very good reasons why you should use us.

Local Company in a Local Town (West Palm Beach)

First, when you call us you get to talk to a local operator in West Palm Beach rather than some individual in a call center which could be a thousand miles away. We are locals and we not only work here, we live here too. We love our local city and we work very hard to provide a service which is nothing short of stellar.

Someone in a call center a thousand miles away has no idea that when you need West Palm Beach glass repair your requirements may be very different from someone in Los Angeles. Not only that, although you are talking to someone far away they will then direct you to a small-fry local contractor who may be a one man business and may, or may not, have the capacity to attend to your need for West Palm Beach glass repair immediately. More than likely, a one man business might not be able to get to you for a couple of days.

As a local West Palm Beach based business we provide a 24/7/365 emergency service. Our trucks are on the road 24 hours a day with our technicians just waiting for your call. That means that as a rule we will get to your home or business in 30 minutes, and possibly a lot less. See if one of the national chains can match that!

Huge Stocks Of Glass: We’re West Palm Beach’s Favorite Glass Repair Company

What’s more, we carry a lot of different types of glass on our trucks which means that we can usually fix your broken windows on the initial visit. If for some reason we don’t have the right glass on our truck, you’ll be pleased to learn that we carry huge – and we do mean huge – stocks of glass at our West Palm Beach depot so it won’t take very long to get the right glass for the job.

How much glass does the average one man business carry? We’re not “knocking” a one man business, but it stands to reason that his stocks are going to be limited.

So when you need glass repair in West Palm Beach come to your local “big boys” who have the supplies that you need and can provide you with the fastest service you can get.

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